Want to host a ride?

We would love to have more hosts in the SEATS family! Here are some answers to common questions about hosting.

I don't have any trails. Can I still host?

Absolutely! You can do an arena challenge if you have an arena, or a spare pasture. Arena challenges are 8 obstacles and can be set up pretty much anywhere and at any size.

How can I host if I don't have my own facility?

One of our SEATS host uses Hard Labor Creek State Park for her rides. You can use a local park (that allows horses) or a commercial arena facility. If you board, talk to the owner and manager and see if they would be willing to host.

What do hosts pay for?

Hosts pay for any supplies they need for the event, including ribbons and prizes. Hosts are also responsible for their own event insurance.

Hosts pay $3 per entry into the SEATS group account. That pays for the year end prizes for the top riders. The rest is yours to keep.

Who gets the money from a ride?

SEATS is a group of independent hosts, giving riders the opportunity to get points throughout the year towards year-end prizes. $3 from each entry goes into the SEATS account (for the year-end prizes) and the host keeps the rest from their ride.

What is the structure of the SEATS organization?

SEATS came out of the collapse of ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association). We had several local hosts that wanted to keep doing these types of events, and thus SEATS was born.

SEATS is not incorporated and is an all-volunteer group. We have a leadership team, hosts, and riders. We have a central PayPal account that pays for year-end prizes and miscellaneous group expenses like the website. We have no yearly dues. Hosts do not have to host a ride every year (but we hope you do!).

Because we are not incorporated we do not hold our own insurance as a group. Hosts are expected to hold their own event insurance, either through your farm insurance or through one-off event coverage.

Why should I host a SEATS ride instead of doing my own event?

You could certainly do both in the year!

Hosting a SEATS ride

  • Brings a little extra income for the host
  • Promotes the host’s facility and services
  • Gathers together a really great group of horse people for a fun day/weekend

The SEATS leadership team is there to support you. We handle the online registration if you don’t have your own system. We promote your event with social media and email marketing. We will give you guidance on judging obstacles and how to schedule your day. Whatever you need we are here to help.

Can I charge more for the ride than another host?

No. If you want to maximize your income for the day you can do a raffle, bake sale, etc.

We price our rides so they are family fun affordable.

Still have questions? Ready to maybe get planning? Contact us via the form below and we’ll get back to you quickly.