And the results are in!

CONGRATULATIONS to all our 2017 Season winners!

High score trail-Duffie Yarbrough
High Score overall-Beki Smith McCall
In Hand Champion-Beki Smith McCall
In Hand Reserve Champion-Christina Bridges
In Hand Third Place-Tracey O’Neal Bertram
Advanced Division Champion-Christina Bridges
Advanced Division Reserve Champion-Linda Stallings
Advanced Division Third Place-Maureen Moomaw Smallwood
Intermediate Division Champion-Tracey O’Neal Bertram
Intermediate Division Reserve Champion-Duffie Yarbrough
Intermediate Division Third Place-Susan Kearns Sanvidge
Novice Division Champion-Dee Benson Diget
Novice Division Reserve Champion-Beki Smith McCall
Novice Division Third Place-Jovie Reeves
Junior Division Champion-Lane Clint McGee

Junior Division Reserve Champion-Addison Clint McGee
Junior Division Third Place-Ansley Clint McGee

Belt Buckle Winners for 2017 Tracey and Dee