About S.E.A.T.S

Welcome to the South Eastern Arena and Trail Series website!

SEATS was born out of the demise of ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association). We were having so much fun at the ACTHA rides and wanted to continue on so several of us got together and formed our own group. SEATS is not, at the moment, an officially incorporated organization. Rather, we are 4 organizers who host 7 rides a year where competitors can earn points to a year end award and everyone has fun.

Our ride participants come from all backgrounds and disciplines and ages. You’ll see ropers and reiners and dressage folks and jumpers and eventers and trail riders. Horses of all shapes and sizes can be seen as well. We are a very friendly and helpful group. and more experienced riders are usually happy to take a newbie under their wings. We’re a “competitive” obstacle riding group that is not very competitive.

You are always welcome to join as a “ride-along” and see what it’s all about.

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